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Favourite Places to Knit

September has entered the building, carrying cool mornings and breezy blue skies with it. My beloved maple keys are again spinning and whirling their way to ground. At least for now, there’s no place I’d rather be than my Canadian haven, knitting in hand, dogs at my feet, a beautiful day in front of me.

All of which has me thinking about my favourite place to knit. For the most part, it’s a century-old wooden rocking chair passed to me by my grandmother and who-knows-who before her. She wasn’t just a knitter, she was the maker in my life…among other things, the literal bread maker in the truest sense…she taught me how to make sour dough. Gram’s chair sits in a well-lit corner between two windows. As the only morning person in my home, I wake first, give the dogs a raucous rubdown, grab a coffee, settle into that chair for a blissful hour of knitting before the house begins to stir. At least, it’s blissful until that first frogging incident!

That said, not every great knit has been so static.

Thanks to my knitting bag, (the whisky coloured Project bag in this photo from I’ve changed my perspective on being a car passenger, while trains and planes are also great. Last time I went to England a bag of wool left Toronto and a scarf arrived at Heathrow. Grassy parks, cafés, benches, and whatever space allows rain to be my backing track are all good. Is it too much to admit that I’d probably knit standing up if I had a portable yarn holder like the Twizzter? That is definetly on my Christmas list, check it out at And, don’t be surprised to see something like that for sale via my website someday…it is pretty cool.

What’s your favourite place for making? What’s the craziest place you’ve ever found yourself knitting and purling? I’d love to hear from you.


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