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Casting On!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Everything has a beginning. So, um, welcome to my Blog! I’m Rhonda, founder, designer and head maker for Key Knits…Fancy words for “Everything you see here is my fault”. Come here for my musings on all things knitting and some things life. I’d love your company!

I’ve been a maker at heart since I can remember…from standing on a chair to reach the deep fryer for family dinners at age 7 (can you say “safety in the Eighties”?), to making dioramas from magazine cut-outs to entertain my baby brother, to learning breadmaking from grandma Myrtle (and her wooden spoon) before I could spell the word ‘flour’, there’s always been something keeping my hands busy. Along the way, I’ve made chocolate professionally, cooked mac & cheese for award-winning chefs, studied Spanish, book-keeping, creative writing, yoga and learned that there is no real way to train a rescued Jack Russell Terrier or two.

Amongst all that, I’m not sure what it is about knitting that makes it my real passion. I can say it started like it probably started for you…with two small sticks, a ball of yarn and a hint of nerves. Now? Now I have a veritable forest of needles, more yarn than you can, um, poke a stick at, and a growing catalogue of designs that I love to share with the world…albeit still with a hint of nerves!

That’s it for now. Be sure to check in for new entries every week or two. Stay busy!


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Such a beautiful post from such a creative talent!! You continue to amaze. Your knits are stunning, and I can personally attest to your delicious cooking :) Cheers, my friend! xxoo

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